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Haley Hwang

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Screenwriter and Editor


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Haley Hwang is a Korean American screenwriter, author, and editor. She has a passion for writing diverse characters with an uplifting message. In screenwriting, she writes action-adventures, dramas, thrillers, comedies, historical fiction, and martial arts.


For her novels, she writes about Ming Dynasty princesses, dangers on the high seas, and palace intrigue that incorporate eunuchs and martial arts. She is represented by Amy Giuffrida of Belcastro Agency, and her first two novels are out on submission to major publishers.

With a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, her career has spanned working as a newspaper reporter, medical writer and editor, online real estate editor, and entertainment editor. 


When she isn’t writing, Haley likes to drink coffee, eat pastries, and think about her next meal.



To get a hold of Haley, please contact:

Literary Agent: Amy Giuffrida, Belcastro Agency (novels) 

Manager: Sean Frankenheimer, The Difference Entertainment (screenplays)

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