Feature Screenplays

Steven Kim Is Having a Really Bad Day (dark comedy/action)
2021 Screencraft Comedy Competition Quarterfinalist
LOGLINE: When a Korean-American pharmacologist is framed for divulging corporate secrets, he must chase down a mysterious hacker to clear his good name or risk losing both his career and family.

Mitzi of the West (western)
LOGLINE: A feisty New England woman arrives alone in Gold Rush country after her husband doesn’t survive the trip; she has no intention of staying but the injustices faced by minority gold miners provides the renewed purpose she needs — and a second chance at love she didn’t expect.

The Emperor's Favorite Concubine (Asian historical fiction/horror)
LOGLINE: An orphan martial arts student hunts for a mysterious killer abducting young women and scalping their faces; but the closer she gets to the culprits, the more she realizes only she can end the cycle of violence created by her dead mother’s entanglements with the Emperor — even if it means risking her own life to stop it.

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