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Feature Screenplays

Steven Kim Is Having a Really Bad Day (dark comedy/action)
2021 Screencraft Comedy Competition Quarterfinalist
LOGLINE: When a Korean-American pharmacologist is framed for divulging corporate secrets, he must chase down a mysterious hacker to clear his good name or risk losing both his career and family.

Mitzi of the West (western)
LOGLINE: A feisty New England woman arrives alone in Gold Rush country after her husband doesn’t survive the trip; she has no intention of staying but the injustices faced by minority gold miners provides the renewed purpose she needs — and a second chance at love she didn’t expect.

The Emperor's Favorite Concubine (Asian historical fiction/horror)
LOGLINE: An orphan martial arts student hunts for a mysterious killer abducting young women and scalping their faces; but the closer she gets to the culprits, the more she realizes only she can end the cycle of violence created by her dead mother’s entanglements with the Emperor — even if it means risking her own life to stop it.

To view a list of my short screenplays, go here.

The Hapkido Boys (action/martial arts)
by Joel Corenman & Haley Hwang
Option Under Consideration by Producer
LOGLINE: Biracial twin brothers who are third-degree black belts in Hapkido want nothing more than to have a chill summer before they start college, but when their graduation party goes horribly wrong, they are forced into underground fighting to avoid going to jail.

Neal and Govind Go Camping (comedy)
Paid-For-Hire Feature Comedy Script
LOGLINE: A down-on-his-luck Punjabi-British man tries to reconnect with his estranged college best friend through an impromptu road trip — only to learn a painful lesson in all the reasons why Indians don’t go camping.

The Wandering Knight (action/martial arts)
by Cypher Robinson & Haley Hwang
LOGLINE: Hired by a ruthless CIA asset to hunt down a North Korean traitor, a burnt-out spy discovers that the target ... is himself.

The Fifth Power (radio drama; middle grade/superhero/animation)
by Haley Hwang & Johannah Simon
LOGLINE:  In a world where everyone has superhuman powers, three tweens who uncover a secret program to keep society’s brightest kids from reaching their full potential must use their natural abilities to save themselves — and all of humanity.

The Thirty-Seventh Wife (action-adventure/martial arts)
Adapted from a novel by Haley Hwang
LOGLINE:  A rambunctious thirteen-year-old Ming Dynasty princess is the only person who can save her father, the Emperor, from being overthrown from power — but only if she can survive the journey across the Asian continent and the South China Sea to marry an old ruler in Western Asia.

K-Poppa (family drama meets K-pop) (sold)
LOGLINE:  The life of a struggling single Korean American father turns around when he stumbles upon a career as an impersonator of K-pop megastar Psy, but his newfound fame faces challenges from his ex-wife, his bullied gay son and his own failing health.

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