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Copyediting and Proofreading

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Editing Services

Whether you need feedback on story, grammar and punctuation, overall story flow and pace, or formatting, copyediting, line editing, or proofreading, Haley can meet your needs and timeline.
To discuss your project, contact Haley at or DM her on Twitter @HHwangWriter.

Short Stories

Short Screenplays

TV Pilots


Feature Screenplays

Synopses and Treatments

Haley has edited several projects of mine, and I have to say she is the best editor I've worked with. Have you ever been somewhere and seen someone performing a job so well that you wonder how they don't own the company they're working for? Haley is about 10x that and more. She takes on your project with commitment, care, and creativity. The total package. I have total trust in Haley and have been blown away by the edits she has made. Best of all, she is funny, nice, and the sort of person you would want to know!

Bryan Kelsey, screenwriter, Knoxville, Tennessee

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