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Anywhere But Here (YA)
A coming-of-age story about a Korean-American girl who wants to escape her suffocating life but must learn a hard lesson about the importance of family first. Set in the Central San Joaquin Valley in 1989.

The Terrible Timing of the Thirty-Seventh Wife of Akbar the Great (YA)
A thirteen-year-old Ming Dynasty princess must journey across the Asian continent to marry an old ruler in Western Asia. Can she survive the treacherous storms of the South China Sea, pirates, and other dangers to prove her worth to her father the Emperor?

Warriors and Dumplings (YA)
Fenghui is a love-struck boy who follows the girl he loves into the Imperial Palace just so he can remain close to her after she is forced to join the Crown Prince's harem. Zhiwan is the first female soldier in the Imperial Army but still struggles to gain respect for her service to the Empire. When someone tries to kill the Emperor, Zhiwan solicits Fenghui's help -- but working together will force them to lose everything they both love.

To learn more about these novels, contact Amy Giuffrida
Twitter: @kissedbyink

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